UPDATE: Tracks of diesel could be seen for about a mile from Highway 27 to I-24. About 75 gallons of diesel fuel spilled onto the interstate, forcing officials to close some lanes while they worked to clean up the mess.

Police said a large semi hit a metal object, puncturing one of the fuel tanks.

TDOT along with law enforcement shut down several ramps and exits at the interchange to protect the area.

"In this particular case a fuel spill they were trying to secure the area and make sure it didn't get any worse,” said TDOT Spokesperson Jennifer Flynn.

The semi pulled over to the shoulder on 24 westbound outside of downtown Chattanooga, officials said that's where the bulk of the diesel spilled.

Hazmat crews with Chattanooga Fire Department said the tank leaked up to 100 gallons, which is enough to fill up roughly six diesel car tanks.

“The trucking company is responsible for addressing that fuel spill and what they will do hire an environmental cleanup company to take care of it properly and dispose of it properly.” Flynn added.

The trucking company hired SWS environmental service to clean up the mess. Channel 3 called for comment on the spill and they referred us to local authorities.

Chattanooga Fire said crews applied absorbent and sand to prevent it from spreading. Meanwhile, TDOT focused on traffic control to prevent "rubberneckers" from getting hurt.  

"We have found that a lot of the times secondary incidents that happen are worse than the primary incident that caused the traffic to be snarled,” Flynn explained.

TDOT said no fuel left the roadway, but crews had to work quickly to beat the rain this afternoon. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Both lanes of U.S. 27 are now back open to traffic.

TDOT has confirmed with Channel 3's crew on scene that there is no fuel left on the roadway.

The fuel spill halted traffic for more than 3 hours.

PREVIOUS STORY: A fuel spill on I-24 at the U.S. 27 junction has shut down several ramps and exits Monday morning.

It happened just after 3:30 a.m. Firefighters and hazmat crews are on scene working to clear the spill.

Officials are urging drivers to seek an alternate route, or approach the area with caution.