CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The Chattanooga Bass Association along with T.W.R.A., Chester Frost Park and Fish partnered together to participate in the State of Tennessee Riparian Tree Planting Grant.

The objective of this project being, to plant shore line trees on Lake Chickamauga to enhance the aesthetics’ of the shore line as well as provide habit for wildlife, birds and, aquatic life while protecting the shore line and islands from erosion.

Trees planted in this partnership project included 200 Bald Cypress, 200 Nuttall Oak , and 100 Water Hickory.

Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Director Tom Lamb said “These trees will be a welcome addition to further enhance the outdoor surroundings of our park’’.

Project Manager for the C.B.A Steve Kite said “A special thanks to and Director Dennis Tumlin, T.W.R.A. and Officer Joe McSpaden , C.B.A. and President Shane Frazier, and Hamilton County Parks and Recreation and Director Tom Lamb.