Students across Tennessee are preparing for TNReady, the test the state uses to measure academic achievement.

The rollout of the online exam was a failure last year because the servers crashed.

Despite the problems, one local high school is choosing to take a chance on the online test this year.

All Tennessee high schools will be required to take the TNReady test online in 2018 instead of using paper and pencil but this year they were given a choice.

Chattanooga High School Center for Creative Arts is opting to take the exam online. CCA is the only high school in Hamilton County choosing to do so.

"I do feel like I made the right decision for our school,” Principal Debbie Smith told Channel 3.

Due to last year’s technical glitches, most students will be taking the test the old-fashioned way, using paper and pencil.

Principal Smith told Channel 3 she made up her mind last week but only after giving a practice test to teachers.

"Half of the teachers loved the online test, half of the teachers still thought paper and pencil might be the way to go," said Principal Smith.

Still, Principal Smith said the decision was an easy one for her.

“If we are the gig city, why can't we be the gig school and move forward with technology,” said Smith.

The school has three designated computer labs ready to go.  

According to the Tennessee Department of Education, 25 districts with high schools ordered online tests.

While online testing is mandatory for high schools next year, elementary and middle schools will have a choice.

The state says online testing is the way of the future in Tennessee.

The testing window is April 17 through May 5.