People of all backgrounds are welcome at Mad Priest Coffee Roasters on Broad Street, during a time when some feel unwelcome. 

We are getting a better idea of the Trump Administration's plan to handle illegal immigration and those in Chattanooga, like Sarah Brinkley, want to keep up with the changes.

"It's definitely causing me to be more proactive and be more informed about the world that's going on around me," Brinkley said.

The new initiative could mean millions of illegal immigrants could be deported, prompting immigration attorney's like Amber Seay to hold meet and greets to keep everyone informed. 

"I don't think they need to be afraid, they need to educate themselves. They need to be prepared and have a plan in place in case they are picked up," Seay said. 

Seay is telling local immigrants to prepare by making copies of documents and having plans in place for family members.

"Maybe having a power of attorney for someone else to make decisions for your child in case you are put in deportation proceedings and detained" she added.

It's still not clear how all of the changes will be funded. 

They will take months, in some cases, years to enforce and civil rights organizations are already preparing a legal challenge to the measures. 

Brinkley waits and worries what these changes could mean for immigrant families. 

"I find it hard to sit back idlely, so that's another reason why I cam out here today," she said.

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