TODAY - If you watched "This Is Us" Tuesday night, there's a good chance you woke up crying Wednesday morning.

And if you need a little more time to deal with the emotional episode of the timeline-hopping drama, don't worry — star Milo Ventimiglia has you covered.

Before the tearjerker even aired, Ventimiglia took to Twitter with a letter to make sure fans wouldn't have to bother with any day-after responsibilities.

"Dear Sir/Madame, Please excuse (blank) from work/school today, Wednesday," he wrote. “Last night was a very emotional episode of 'This Is Us.'"

The actor signed the note as Papa Pearson, as a nod to his character Jack Pearson, aka father of Randall (Sterling K. Brown).

But — spoiler alert! — it was Randall's cancer-stricken biological father (Ron Cephas Jones) who played the central role in Tuesday's heartbreaking tale.

If you happened to use Ventimiglia's note to stay home today, grab a box a tissue and use your day off to see what the stars had to say about the story after it ended.

And be sure to stock up on even more tissue! There are still two episodes to go before season one of "This Is Us" comes to a close.