UPDATE: Last week we told you about three ministry trailers stolen off the Trinity Baptist Church parking lot in Cleveland.

Since the story first aired on Channel 3, one of the trailers has been found, enabling the ministry to continue its good work.

"It's amazing, it's one of those God moments that we all talk about but we don't necessarily ever get to experience," said Amy Wilson, Kairos Prison Ministry volunteer. 

Amy Wilson is thrilled, she says Kairos Prison Ministries can continue its mission thanks to a tipster who helped them find one of the nonprofit's three 3 stolen trailers. 

"We were able to recover 85 % of the stuff that was taken," said Wilson. "We got one trailer back, the black one was found." 

Channel 3 did the story last week, Wilson tells us the black educational trailer turned up in a field off of Georgetown Road in Cleveland, just a few days later. 

"There's no such thing as a coincidence to me, God's in control of the big things and the little things," said Wilson. " Because they did empty the contents of that one trailer, we were able to get most of our stuff back."

While two additional enclosed trailers are still missing, the nonprofit which aims to help criminals turn their lives around, will continue their weekend program. 

In addition, the community has rallied around this ministry with fund raising efforts. Wilson calls it a new beginning, she's thankful for. 

"I'm proud to call this area home because we really do rally together and that's exactly what happened here and words are not adequate enough to say thank you," said Wilson. 

If you have any information about the other two enclosed trailers still missing, call Cleveland Police. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A local non-profit is out several thousand dollars, putting many upcoming events at risk.  

Organizers say three trailers, all used for ministry, were stolen right off of a church's parking lot in Cleveland. 

The non-profit group, which aims to help criminals turn their lives around, tells Channel 3 they just want their supplies back so their mission can continue. 

"It hurts my heart," said volunteer Amy Williams, Kairos Prison Ministry. "It concerns my heart that someone might miss what God has for them." 

The three enclosed trailers belonged to Kairos Men and Women's Prison Ministry. Organizers say they were stolen from the Trinity Presbyterian Church parking sometime over the weekend.  To make matters worse, the trailers were packed with the equipment used for prison ministry and other spiritual renewal trips. 

"We just can't imagine doing it without all the stuff," said Williams. " It's all the bibles, it's all of the crosses because they get a cross and they value these crosses, it's all of the material we have to go in. It's the tables and the chairs they're going to sit on." 

Wilson says the cooking trailer was equipped to provide meals for hundreds of inmates. It contained warming ovens, commercial coffee makers, drink dispensers and food along with tables, chairs and Bibles.

"This is a big deal to a lot of people, there's a big team that works really hard for months and years to be able to go in there," said Williams. 

Kairos used the second trailer for education. The non-profit focuses on changing lives through faith.

"You've taken something that doesn't belong to you and those the kind of people we're going in to minister to," said Williams. 

Williams says the third trailer belonged to another non-profit that works with Kairos and that group uses it to carry and store luggage on trips.  

According to the report, the total loss is estimated to be more than $30,000 dollars. 

Future events are at risk, but the group isn't giving up. 

"Just call someone, just get in touch with someone....we just want our stuff back and we really need it," said Williams. "It's a need, it is a need." 

The trailers are described as being two 7x14 dual axle v-nose with aluminum diamond plated trim and a side door. One is white in the color and the other is black. The third trailer is also black but smaller in size. If you have any information that can help investigators call Cleveland Police. 

As the organization works to recover what was lost, they are accepting donations. You can email:  maxhughes0610@yahoo.com for more information or call 678-923-2273.