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Power bills drop amid mild winter weather

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It’s been an unusually mild winter and that could have a positive impact on family budgets.

The Tennessee Valley Authority says customers should expect lower than normal power bills as winter winds down.

“The main advantage of the mild weather is that TVA is having to buy less fuel and they're having to fire up less fossil fuel plants to keep up with the demand and because it's so mild, people are using heat less,” said EPB Spokesperson John Pless.

The fuel cost adjustment has decreased slightly and on average, Chattanooga families will see $1.50 savings per household on their March bills.

While the mild winter is good for the family budget, it is having a negative impact on some companies.

“It's certainly a concern. I just mentioned the other day with this warm winter I don't know what summer is going to be doing,” said Jim Ledbetter, owner of Gordon’s Cleaners.

The reason is simple.  People aren’t wearing as many layers to stay warm. 

Dry cleaners also prefer the cold weather because it’s more comfortable working inside.

“When it's warmer with all of the hot equipment it's just like being in the hot tropics even this time of year."

Other businesses that may be impacted by the warmer winter are heating and cooling companies and plumbing businesses. Some of them say they’re not as busy as they usually are.

It looks like the trend will continue, at least for now, with above normal temperatures expected the next several days.

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