Nearly a dozen cars had their tires damaged overnight Friday. In a few instances, cars had more than one tire punctured, making repair difficult and costly because most cars only have one spare tire.

The crime happened in the Highland Park area near the Bennett Avenue. Channel 3 counted approximately 10 cars with their tires damaged.

Many of the neighbors do not speak English, making communication with police more difficult.

One neighbor told Channel 3 that he noticed tires punctured when he came home from work at 1:00 a.m. His tires were not involved the incident.

"Tires are not cheap.  People need to be aware of what they do to other people's stuff," Jeffery Parker told Channel 3.

Others awoke to find the damaged tires on their vehicles. People told Channel 3 they suspect teenagers may be the culprits and some people said they thought it could be time to invest in a surveillance system to catch criminal activity in the area.

At least two people filed reports with the Chattanooga Police Department.  Investigators are looking into the incident.