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DNA Diet: Latest fad or next big weight loss trend?

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From the South Beach Diet, to the Mediterranean, Atkins, and Paleo, these are all some of the most popular fad diets. And now, the DNA diet.

Channel 3 sat down with Aimeet Dyess, a registered dietician at Erlanger to find out more.

Aimee Dyess says, "Looking at the DNA diet, it is geared towards what is going to work for your specific DNA, but it could be just like a typical fad."

With the DNA diet, you swab your inner cheek, mail it in and it's analyzed. Then based on your DNA, you receive a certain diet and exercise plan.

This diet isn't cheap. It can cost anywhere from $200 - $500 and even a bit more depending how specific you want to get.

This genetic testing is a brand new field. The idea of the DNA diet is rooted in research that shows dieting doesn't work for a lot of people.

For Theresa Smith, she has struggled with weight for most of her life.

Theresa Smith says  "I tried just about every diet imaginable or some variation of that."

At her heaviest, Theresa weighed 257 pounds, she was not only packing on the pounds, but also health problems, so she turned to gastric bypass surgery.

Theresa says she never thought fad diets would give her lasting results.

Theresa Smith says, "You still need to work on exercise and why are you eating and how are you eating."

Aimee Dyess says, "While the DNA diet might be great for one person, when we look at it the overall American doesn't always eat a helpful diet, do we need to get into such specifics with our DNA when we're struggling to mee the fruit and veggie requirements?"

Theresa Smith says "I have to stick with being proactive with my health."

Theresa says that means exercising three days a week, eating more balanced meals, and regular doctors visits, along with support group meetings.

The verdict is still out on the DNA diet, we'll have to wait for more research, but Aimee says she's not convinced it's the best option for everyone trying to lose weight.

Aimee Dyess says  "As of now, I do see it as the net fad diet, who knows there might be a lot of research where that might change."

In the meantime, start with the basics of being active and eating healthy meals.

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