Parkridge East Hospital and the American Heart Association are celebrating Valentine's Day and American Heart Month by providing red hats to all babies born at the hospital on February 14th.

Parkridge is participating in the Association's Little Hats, Big Hearts program, which raises awareness of heart disease, the number one killer of Americans. Also, congenital heart defects, the most common type of birth defect in the country. The red hats include a message to moms reminding them of the importance of a healthy heart and where to find information. 

“The Little Hats, Big Hearts program is an excellent reminder of the lifelong importance of heart health for moms and their babies. This is very important because we know moms are great at taking care of the family, but they often ignore their own health. This program gives us the opportunity to educate our moms on the importance of a healthy heart so she can celebrate the newest addition to her family now and for the many years to come," said CEO of Parkridge East Hospital, Jarrett Milsaps.