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Local florists prepare ahead of Valentine's Day

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In the day before Valentine's Day, florists in the Scenic City are hard at work during the industry's busiest season.

Carolyn's Florist, located off Highway 58, was filled with customers hoping to get a gift for that special someone. 

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The majority of customers were men. Some of them said when in doubt, flowers are always a good idea. 

"You always say you're gonna prepare for it, and then it gets to that point and by the time you do something it's already here," said customer, Brent Easton. "I try to be good and keep notes on my phone that she wants this, she wants this, but you know how that goes that gets lost too, so it's just spur of the moment and making sure she has something to know she's special."

Loyal customers like Jeff Cameron said it's why he comes to Carolyn's. 

"She's always on top of everything, and she's always bailed me out when I needed her so that's why I'm here."

But shop owner, Carolyn Hogan, the owner of Carolyn's Florist, said pulling off those last minute miracles is not easy. 

"You're never prepared. We think we are until the day gets here or the day before and then it goes crazy."

She said her and her staff have been preparing for the Valentine's Day rush for weeks. 

The shop has taken about 100 pre-orders in the last week alone, and about 400 more orders have to be delivered by the end of the big day. 
Hogan said she had to bring in 10 more employees and an extra delivery driver to fulfill the orders. 

She said when it comes to keeping the shop stocked with the most popular flower takes is also sometimes a challenge. 

"Roses number one always you know it's just crazy, and of course we do the mixed arrangements too, but number one is the roses still," said Hogan. "This morning I had to order more because we had already started to run out so we ordered extra."

With Valentine's Day being the biggest day of the year for the shop, Hogan has a message for customers for next year. 

"Order early. Please," said Hogan 

The shop is relocating at the end of February to 3907 Webb Rd, near Turner Funeral Home. 

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