A Whitfield County firefighter was arrested and charged with five counts of Child Molestation. 

Deputies with the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office began an investigation of 34-year-old William Taylor White in early February, after the grandmother of a young girl brought the child to the Sheriff's Office and reported that her granddaughter had been molested. 

During the investigation, deputies identified at least two more victims they believe have been molested by White.

"Over the course of the investigation we learned that there was probably a little more to it than what we were first led to believe," said Sheriff Scott Chitwood.

Sheriff Chitwood said the children were ages 10, 11, and 12 at the time of molestation.

On Feb. 11, 2017, White was arrested while he was at work at the Whitfield County Fire Department. 

The Sheriff's Office believe the molestation of the victims started in 2012 and the last known incident occurred in 2015. 

It doesn't appear the three victims were related or knew each other in any way.

"Not really a direct relationship to the three alleged victims, it was just almost coincidental that word had got out on one, and two and two started being put together and similar stories started surfacing," said Chitwood.

White appeared before a Magistrate judge on Monday but is still being held in jail with no bond. His case was sent over to Superior Court.
The Sheriff's Office said the reported molestation did not happen while he was on the job at the fire station.

"Not to my knowledge, has nothing to do with it it just happens to be his place of employment," Sheriff Chitwood said. 

White has been a Whitfield County Firefighter since Sept. 2013. 
The Fire Chief declined an on-camera interview but said White has been placed on a leave of absence without pay while the investigation continues.

"You know I'm sure the Whitfield county fire department is certainly saddened by it, embarrassed, as all of us are with Whitfield county that's associated by it," Sheriff Chitwood said, "But again it just shows that nobody's above the law and it's just a very unfortunate situation."

White is charged with five counts of Child Molestation and four counts of Sexual Battery of a Child under the age of 16. White is being held without bond at the Whitfield County jail.

The Sheriff's Office believes there may be even more child victims.

Anyone with information about White is asked to contact Whitfield County Sheriff's Office Detective Daniel Jones at 706-278-3029.