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Local reporter is not Lester Holt, and this kid is not happy about it

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TODAY SHOW As far as this 7-year-old boy is concerned, there is only one person who reports the news on television.

During an interview at Portland International Airport on Friday, a boy named Jaden humbled a reporter for NBC affiliate KGW by reminding him that he is not NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt.

The boy seemed to have an urgent message for KGW reporter Drew Carney while waiting for a flight to California to go to Disneyland with his cousin.

"I was wondering. I didn't really see you on TV that much,'' Jaden told Carney. "Lester Holt? Usually you see him more on the news than you."

Jaden then promptly walked away from Carney.

"If he had the mic, he would've dropped it right there,'' Carney said.

Jaden's love for his favorite news anchor didn't go unnoticed by the man himself.

After Jaden noted that Holt probably won't be at Disneyland because he's "mostly in New York," he just had a simple request.

"I would like to say if he could come to my house once,'' he said. "I would want to see all the things he has reported."

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