A bail bondsman was arrested in a sting operation, and charged with patronizing prostitution and felony sexual battery.

Arrest records show that Kelvin Pell, a bail bondsman for Cumberland Bail Bonds, bond a woman out of jail for a second time on February 8, 2017.

He exchanged texts with the woman, telling her her she was "gorgeous and beautiful," according to the report.

The woman was wired with audio equipment to record her conversation with Pell.

She reportedly told Pell that she didn't have $1,000 to pay for the bond.

Pell then said they "could work out deal" and asked the woman to show her breasts and touched her without consent. 

The two them went to a hotel in Kimball where they talked about trading sex for the bond money owed by the woman.

The report then says that the two reached an agreement and Pell took off his pants, underwear, shoes and socks.

That's when Marion County Sheriff's Office deputies entered the room and arrested Pell.

During the interview, pell told authorities that he had engaged in similar arrangements with other females and it was a common occurrence in the bonding industry.

When Channel 3 spoke with Cumberland Bail Bonds, we learned that Pell is an independent contractor and has been suspended, pending the outcome of the case.

There's no word on if Pell was able to bond out of jail.