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Women and Heart Disease

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At 36 years old, life for this wife and mother was hectic and busy, but going just fine. That was until one morning in January 2011.

Fran Zumbrunn says  "I don't remember anything physically happening, no pain, nothing like that, just fell and hit my head on the floor and then crawling around, trying to get up, but didn't know why I couldn't get up."

Fran Zumbrunn was having a stroke, although that thought never crossed her mind.

Fran Zumbrunn says "I do remember my doctor asks me to touch my left hand to my right and I thought I did it, but I didn't."

Heart disease is the number one killer of women.

Fran Zumbrunn says "Would have never thought it could happen to me, especially at the age I was."

"But it does. More and more young women are being diagnosed with heart disease  and doctors say some symptoms are major risk factors you should look out for."

They include high blood pressure, diabetes, inactivity, and depression.

Fran Zumbrunn says  "I did have some symptoms prior to that I should have listened to."

Fran says while she didn't have a family history, she did have high blood pressure and vertigo.

Zumbrunn says "My doctor told me if it had been another 45 minutes I would have been totally paralyzed.

Every second counts and that's why Fran says she has gotten involved with the American Heart Association, hoping to reach other women and raise awareness. She has this advice.

Fran Zumbrunn says "To be more active, to eat better, to listen to your body most of all."

Listen, and then go see your doctor.


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