Not only was Jasmine Akins a young mother, she was probably an innocent by-stander the evening she was killed. All we want to do is get enough information to get a killer off the streets. If you can help, we will pay for your information and never even ask who you are.   

She had been to a birthday party on the Southside that September Saturday in 2014. As night turned to Sunday morning, Jasmine left Chocolate City, formerly a club off Market Street, with friends. "They rode around the block a couple times and they pulled into this abandoned parking lot," explained Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller as he gestured to a space just north of the 20th Street intersection. "As Jasmine started to exit her friend's vehicle, she was shot multiple times."

Two others were injured, but lived. Jasmine, herself, is survived not only by parents and grandparents, but also a child. "At that time, she had a two-month-old baby, Journey," said Sgt. Miller. "And now that child is 2-years old and she's going to be forever without a mother."

The thought is this young adult was caught in crossfire and not the intended target. "The parking lot and the roadway here on Market Street was extremely busy," Miller said. "There was [sic] people everywhere, so multiple people have seen what happened."

The sergeant says gang members may have been pulling the triggers, that night, perhaps stifling the flow of information. "I think those people may be scared to come forward and tell police what they know," he continued. "But, that's the great thing about Crime Stoppers. You call in, it's anonymous. No one will ever know you called."

He explained the process, "What happens is, you provide the information for the tip. I give you a new number. You never give your name and you'll use that tip number throughout the entire process until you get your cash reward."

We will pay you up to $1,000 if you can help deliver justice and some peace to this family. 

If you were in the Market Street crowd that night and saw someone with a gun (it's believed more than a few people were armed) call that in, it could help. Whether you do it to clear your conscience or put an enemy behind bars, or put money in your pocket, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333