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Local business working to keep children safe from flu

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Lots of us are sick, and health officials said it is probably going to get worse. Tennessee has been one of the states hardest hit by an influenza-like illness.

It is making its way around local schools prompting several districts across the state to close, and its effects are being felt at area attractions as well.

Officials with the Creative Discovery Museum said they aren't taking any chances when it comes to cleanliness and keeping children safe from the flu.

“It is as clean as we can possibly make it,” said Jayne Griffin the Education Director at the museum.

Don't be surprised if you see cleaning supplies throughout the Creative Discovery Museum. Crews are working hard to ensure *everyone* stays healthy this flu season.  “Children do come in, parents come in, sometimes they may be under the weather.”

Jayne Griffin said despite the recent outbreak, the staff isn't doing anything different. “The public is aware of a flu outbreak right now. We need to be aware all the time.”

Every day props get a thorough cleaning. Costumes are put through the dryer and sanitizer is used to wash down surfaces. “We actually follow the CDC guidelines. It calls for a use of a sanitizer. Not just a dishwasher soap. It is a commercial grade sanitizer.”

The goal is to prevent germs from coming into the museum.  “We want them to be healthy children. We take that responsibility very seriously.”

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But if you're not feeling well they ask for you to stay home and rest so you don't get others sick. Their doors will be open for families as soon as they're feel better. “Try to have our staff stay home if they're not well. We encourage everyone to take care of themselves.”

The good news is, the oldest tip in the book is one of the easiest - wash your hands! Plus, it's not too late to get a flu shot. But it takes a few weeks for the shots to take effect, so act fast.

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