ATLANTA (AP) - Georgia lawmakers are again trying to let licensed gun owners carry concealed handguns on public college campuses.

The bill filed Tuesday exempts sports stadiums and student housing. According to a cover sheet, 15 members of the House co-sponsored the bill by Rep. Mandi Ballinger, R-Canton.

Ballinger co-sponsored a bill last year allowing handguns on Georgia's college campuses. Lawmakers easily passed last year's bill but Republican Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed it. Deal said in his veto messages that colleges are "sanctuaries of learning" where guns haven't been allowed.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Georgia is among 17 states banning concealed weapons on campuses.

Ballinger's proposal mirrors last year's bill aside from exempting preschools. Deal last year said that he was concerned about child care facilities on campuses.

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