The flu has hit schools hard this season including college campuses. Close living quarters, and a lot of social activities makes college students more likely to catch the flu.

Louanne Weber is the Director of Student Health Services at UTC, she said there has been a rise in cases this year.

“We are seeing a combination of both type A and type B not in the same patient we have several patients that have tested positive,” Weber said.

Some public school districts closed to prevent the flu from spreading. UTC remains open, but Weber said college settings can be hot spots for influenza.

“In large classrooms settings if people have fever, sneezing, coughing and runny nose that type of things it is very possible to transmit to others,” Weber added.

The Hamilton County Health Department said most people don't show symptoms of the flu the first day they have it, which helps the virus spread.

“They're coming into school they're not leaving school in and out until the end of the day so if you got those people that are sick they're going to spread it very quickly,” said Sharon Goforth with HCHD.

The health department says there are fewer cases of flu-like symptoms right now compared to this time last year in Hamilton County. However, last year the flu came later than usual.

It’s why the department is urging everyone to avoid exposure to those with flu-like symptoms.

"Other end of the spectrum, if you are sick go home," Goforth added.

UTC’s school officials are being proactive in the event of an outbreak, and students like Jaylen Mans have noticed.

"In our UC that's a big common area for us, there's always custodians cleaning and you get to know them pretty well and same thing for the library any large space there's always a presence of people always cleaning,” Mans said.

As of now, classes are on at UTC, but that could change as flu season peaks.

If there's been widespread infections, then classes may temporarily be cancelled.

Health officials said this time of year is the peak season for flu like symptoms and if you haven't already done so you can still get your flu shot.