UPDATE: Hamilton County sheriff's investigators are trying to figure out how a body ended up in the river by Suck Creek Road on Monday. Authorities have not yet released that person's identity.

With each phone call he gets, Bob Davis has had to share the disturbing news.

He said workers who were building a patio at a home next door saw a body floating in the water on a foggy and dreary day. Davis was working outside on his truck when he learned about their discovery.

"I seen them going down there and i heard the ambulance coming and I went over there to see what it was and of course, they showed me a body down there," Bob Davis, a neighbor said.

From his backyard, Davis showed Channel 3 where workers found the person.

"It looked like it had been in the river for a while, yeah," Davis said.

A short time later, several Hamilton County sheriff's deputies and staff from the medical examiner's office arrived.

They started investigating immediately by roping off the area and looking around. It would take a boat to get the body out of the river and into an ambulance.

"Efforts will be made to identify the body and hopefully a cause of death," Matt Lea, Hamilton County Sheriff's Office spokesman said.

Those answers would give investigators the chance to know if there is a connection to any ongoing cases. It's a question neighbors like Davis have, but so far, it remains unanswered.

"I know there have been some people missing they say. They've been looking in the river for some people, but i don't know if that's the same people they're looking for or not," Davis said.

The body has been recovered and transported to the medical examiner's office for additional forensic analysis and identification.

In late December, search crews were by the boat ramp looking for a man reported missing by family members.

That area is less than a mile from where this body was found, but it's unclear if there's any connection to that case.    

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