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UPDATE: Police use digital scanning system to investigate early morning crash

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UPDATE: It's not clear what caused an early morning crash that killed one person and sent another to the hospital. 

The crash happened at the intersection of Bonny Oaks Drive and Jersey Pike and tied up traffic for more than eight hours. 

Police say a driver in a Chevy Malibu traveling south on Jersey Pike stuck a driver in a Nissan Altima traveling east on Bonny Oaks through the intersection. The driver of the Altima, Michael Roberts, 47, was pronounced deceased on scene. The driver of the Malibu was transported to Erlanger for non-life threatening injuries. 

Chattanooga police work through the early morning darkness investigating the city's latest fatal crash. 

A device, that looks like a white box on a tripod, is a piece of equipment worth thousands of dollars. 

It's called a Leica scanner, police use it to investigate the city's most serious crashes. 

"We can do measurements and everything from that scan," Sgt. Justin Kilgore said, "We can actually set those vehicles in motion so you can actually see how the crash happened."

Kilgore said this equipment creates a 3-D image of a crash scene. Those images give investigators a different perspective when gathering information. 

"If you see something out here that may not catch your eye at the moment, you may not think about measuring it. With the scanner, we can put that into the system and we can actually take a specific measurement from that," he said. 

Chattanooga's major crimes unit also uses these devices when piecing together homicide cases. 

Kilgore said the tool helps make an arrest in many traffic crashes. 

"I can overlay a good vehicle over one of those to see the impact it is and that also helps me with speeds," he added. 

The traffic division has been using the system for two years. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A fatal, early morning crash shut down Bonny Oaks Drive at Jersey Pike, but the road has been re-opened.

The crash happened around 2:00 a.m. Monday morning.

Officials say one person was killed, and another was hurt in the crash and transported to a hospital for treatment.

Two cars were involved. 

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