Super Bowl L1 is not only exciting for the millions tuning in towatch the showdown, but also for the staff at Bud's Sports Bar. 

The bar's staff has been gearing up the big night for weeks now.

John Lopopolo, the bar's chef, said he did a lot of the food preps saturday night. 

"We have got a really great team here, my supporting cast and stuff like that. I mean we just order appropriately and prep, prep, prep. You have to be ready," said Lopopolo. 

The restaurant sold nearly 2,000 pounds of wings in pre-orders about a week in advance, and staff ordered 6,000pounds of wings for the in-house crowd. 

Lopopolo said they had to bring inmore storage to house the 3 tons worth of wings. 

"We try to get ahead on that and then we'll just have fryers going. We've got two portable fryers and I've got three inside," said Lopopolo.  "We've got everyone covered. We're not gonna run out of wings I tell you that.'

Though it's a lot of work to be done, he said it's worth it at the end of the night. 

"It is just such a party atmosphere you know I mean this place will be crazy, people screaming and hollering. It's like being in the stadium."