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Former Moc reflects on playing against Falcons WR

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"I can't believe I got a chance to play against this guy," said Former UTC All-Conference Defensive Back, Jordan Tippit.

Julio Jones is an elite talent. Jordan Tippit had two run ins with Julio, two run ins he'll never forget. The first came at the Alabama High School State Track Finals.

"In the long jump, I jumped my personal best at 21'11'' just to get there. He jogged down the runway and jumped 23-feet, it was ridiculous, so nothing he does surprises me," said Tippit. 

Tip's second encounter with Julio was in college, 2009, the Mocs were in Tuscaloosa battling the eventual National Champion, Crimson Tide. Tippit, a safety had the flats covered.  Former UTC All-American and six year NFL veteran, Buster Skrine was on an island with Julio.

"Buster has perfect coverage, perfect coverage. On the top shoulder, seals the shoulder. Leans on him. Julio just boxes him out like he's playing basketball, uses his 40-plus inch vertical and goes and gets the ball. That moment right there, I said yeah we playing big time football, this is big time football," said Tippit.

Same play insert different stage, Julio's done it hundreds of times, and if you ask Tip, there's no recipe to stop it.

"There's nothing you can do about it unless you're a 6'4'' corner and they don't make 6'4'' corners. Not that can run like Julio! You can gameplan it, put two over the top but you take a guy out of the box, or you put a safety over top of him then you take away coverage from the other side of the field. It's gonna be very very difficult for the Patriots to game plan. I'm very interested to see how they try to stop Julio." said Tippit

Julio Jones will be facing against one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL on Sunday, Super Bowl 49 hero, Malcolm Butler. Pro Football Focus graded Butler at the fourth best corner in the NFL. It should be a great matchup.

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