Drivers could soon have to dig deeper into their pockets to fill up their gas tanks. Governor Bill Haslam is proposing Tennessee's first gas tax in 27 years.

The governor wants to raise the state's gas tax by 7-cents. The money would be used to pay for repairing roads in Tennessee.

It's an issue that could impact every single driver in the state but especially those who drive for a living.

"It would be a big negative for us," said truck driver Robert Nicks.

Nicks told Channel 3 he is worried about the additional expense.

"I have a family I have to support," said Nicks

The increase would add up for delivery businesses too.

Gil Cartwright with Flowers by Gil and Curt in Chattanooga told Channel 3 he supports Governor Haslam's plan.

"I think we should do it. We need to do something about the roads because they are getting worse by the minute," said Cartwright.

The business owner said bad roads and potholes are costing the flower shop hefty car repair bills. 

"Every time you turn around you've either worn out a set of tires because the whole front end is out of line or you're replacing tires," he said.

If the gas tax passes this year, drivers would see a 7-cent jump at the pump beginning July 1. Truck drivers would pay an extra 12-cents per gallon for diesel.

The goal is to generate $11-billion to get road projects rolling. 

As part of the plan, the state would lower taxes in other areas including groceries.

The last time the gas tax was adjusted was in 1989.

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