If you're finally starting to feel you should pay closer attention to locking down your Facebook and e-mail accounts, you may want to pick up a thumb-sized gadget that allows you to sign into those accounts with your fingerprint.

Facebook just added security keys to its service which allows users to log in to their accounts. The security keys are an extra step of protection to keep other people off your account.

There's a word for that: Facejacked! As in your Facebook has been hijacked. If it is a friend you may fall for a prank but it could be more serious as the spy would gain access to your friends list, contact information, all of your posts and photographs. In fact it is illegal to spy on someone's Facebook without their permission thanks to data privacy laws.

Security keys such as the YubiKey fit into a USB drive on the computer. By setting up the security key in Facebook's Settings options users can choose to login this way rather than typing in their username and password. Security keys are more convenient and safer as they generate a 15 character random password each time you use it.

Once you set up a security key with your fingerprint, you can tap on the device to login to Facebook, Google/Gmail, Dropbox and several other online services and sites.

Google and Dropbox have allowed for security keys for more than a year.

The security keys are especially useful for people who work on shared computers at their office and for people who often use computers in libraries, hotels and airports. Once your are ready to leave the computer, you simply sign out of Facebook. When you want to log back in, just insert the key and tap it with your finger.

The YubiKey also works with Android phones by placing it on the back of the phone with a tap.

YubiKey gadgets are easy to use and convenient as it can attach to a keyring.

The YubiKey is $50, other manufacturers sell similar security keys for as little as $15. links: YubiKey