The story of a scary scam is getting spread across Facebook and word-of-mouth is leaving some people afraid to answer the phone.

The Better Business Bureau and law enforcement warn consumers of the "Can you hear me?" scam.

Bad guys reportedly using robo-calls and audio recorders to steal money from people who say "yes" during a call. 

Dozens of consumers have reported instances of getting a computer generated phone call in which the caller asks "Can you hear me?" or something to that effect. The risk in saying "yes" according to the BBB is that the scammer could record the "yes" and use it later. 

The scam warning states the caller (bad guys) will record the yes then make a large purchase on the behalf of the person who answered the phone. Once the bogus purchase is discovered the bad guys could use the audio recording to show that the victim gave verbal approval. 

The scam is being reported from consumers across the country, but according to the Better Business Bureau Scam Watch website, we found dozens of reports from victims, but none that reported to have lost money. 

Nevertheless, the BBB warns consumers they should be on guard for the possible scam. If you should receive a call that asks if you can hear the caller clearly, to hang up and report the incident to the BBB along with the phone number used in the call.