UPDATE: Channel 3 is learning more about a murder suicide investigation in East Ridge.

A mail carrier discovered a shocking note inside a mailbox Tuesday and immediately called police.

A couple was found dead inside the home on Shelby Circle. Police identified them as Charley Yates and Ellen McKenzie.

"I just received a note in the mailbox and it said to call the police there's been a murder-suicide at this address," a mail carrier told dispatchers in a 9-1-1 call.

Everything on the outside of the home on Shelby Circle in East Ridge appeared to be normal, but inside, police found a couple dead in the bedroom from an apparent murder-suicide.

"I recognized his truck. Just had to sit still I guess and collect my thoughts I guess because I knew what we were going to find out," Thom Cavin, a friend said.

Thom Cavin knew Charley Yates and his girlfriend Ellen McKenzie.

Cavin played music with Yates and remembers him as an accomplished musician. He remembers McKenzie as a sweet spirit.

"This is all devastating. It's totally out of character of either of these people," Cavin said.

A police report obtained by Channel 3 doesn't reveal much, but it does list Ellen McKenzie as the victim in the case.

Officers said another more detailed note was discovered inside the home, but police aren't saying who wrote either of them yet.

"My mind still, I still don't understand. Nobody probably ever will completely understand," Preston Parris, a local musician said.

Preston Parris said Yates was well known in the local music community.

"I remember seeing his poster up in places I would play and I think it said the one man jukebox and I got to hear him one time and he was great," Parris said.

Friends now reflect on his music as they wait for answers.  

"It's haunting. It's the most haunting thing I ever heard here," Cavin said.

Police said the couple was taken to the medical examiner's office for autopsies.

The motive is still unclear in the case. Investigators hope forensic evidence will provide answers. 

UPDATE: East Ridge police have identified the couple found dead in a home on Shelby Circle Tuesday morning, following a murder-suicide.

Police spokesman Stan Allen says Joseph (Charlie) Yates and Ellen McKenzie were found after a mail carrier discovered a note on the mailbox and called police.

Police have not said whether it was Yates or McKenzie who pulled the trigger.

The victims were taken to the Hamilton County Medical Examiner's Office.

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PREVIOUS STORY: East Ridge PD are investigation a murder-suicide on Shelby Circle, Tuesday morning at 9:20 a.m. 

According to East Ridge Assistant Police Chief, Stan Allen, a mail carrier found a note just before 9:30 a.m. in the mailbox detailing a murder-suicide. The mail carrier called police after reading the note. When police arrived they found a man and woman with fatal gunshot wounds inside.

Police said there were two notes found confirming the murder suicide, one inside of the house, another in the mailbox telling the mail carrier to call police. 

"There was a longer note inside the house with a lot more details on it," said Asst. Chief Stan Allen.

Asst. Chief Allen said the bodies were likely inside the home since Monday night. He added that the notes were dated on January 30, 2017.

ERPD said the bodies are being taken to medical examiners office for autopsy.

Asst. Chief Allen isn't releasing any more details yet until family members of those involved have been notified. 

It's still unclear who shot who.

Neighbors said the man who lived at the home was in his mid-50's. He was a musician and lived with his girlfriend.

"I would never fear him, never fear him," said neighbor Catherine Owens, "I do ache for him because I knew him so long, a nice young man."

Some neighbors wondered if they could have done something to prevent this.

"It's just sad you know, you just wonder, what's going on with people and you know, could you have helped them or talked to them?" said neighbor Phyllis Godschall.