On Friday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order for an immigration ban involving refugees from certain countries. 

The executive order has sparked protest across the country including in Nashville outside of Senator Lamar Alexander and Senator Bob Corker's office. 

Senator Alexander released this statement in reference to the executive order:    

"This vetting proposal itself needed more vetting. More scrutiny of those traveling from war-torn countries to the United States is wise. But this broad and confusing order seems to ban legal, permanent residents with ‘green cards,’ and might turn away Iraqis, for example, who were translators and helped save lives of Americans troops and who could be killed if they stay in Iraq. And while not explicitly a religious test, it comes close to one which is inconsistent with our American character.”

Senator Corker released this statement about the executive order:

“We all share a desire to protect the American people, but this executive order has been poorly implemented, especially with respect to green card holders,” said Corker. “The administration should immediately make appropriate revisions, and it is my hope that following a thorough review and implementation of security enhancements that many of these programs will be improved and reinstated.”

Senator Fleischmann released this statement about the executive order: 

“Keeping our country and its citizens safe will always be my top priority.  The United States of America has a very proud tradition of welcoming immigrants and refugees, however, we are living in an unprecedented time.  Many foreign governments, like Syria, are falling apart.  This is hindering our ability to properly vet those who wish to enter our country.  President Trump’s Executive Order wisely presses pause on the process until we are confident about these individuals’ backgrounds. There have been some flaws in implementation, and it is my hope the Administration will work to fix them immediately,” said Fleischmann.  

Sunday evening, President Trump provided some clarification on the immigration ban.