Two Sequatchie County deputies were seriously hurt when they were dragged several feet by a car this weekend. 

Authorities say this all happened during a routine traffic stop that quickly escalated to a high speed chase through the county. 

The traffic stop happened Sunday around 2:45 a.m. on Cherry Street in Dunlap, after 2 deputies spotted a black car with no tags. 22-year-old, Zachary Lamar Henson was behind the wheel. Sheriff, Ronnie Hitchcock said at the time the deputies and Henson himself thought he had violated his state probation, when in fact the warrant had not officially come down.

"They asked him to step out of the vehicle and he refused to get out of the vehicle so the officers tried to get him out of the vehicle," said Sheriff Hitchcock. 

Henson took off dragging both deputies down the road on the driver's side. 

"One office, he leaned in the car and his gun got behind the door part and when the guy took off that's what held him until he got loose from it and fell," said Sheriff Hitchcock. 

The first deputy was dragged about 20-25 feet before the car ran over his leg at approximately 40 miles an hour. The Sheriff says that officer also hurt his hip and shoulder in the fall.

"The other officer held on to him and went probably 200-300 yards maybe 400 yards before he actually slowed down and the officer got lose from the vehicle," said Sheriff Hitchcock. 

The second deputy, dragged the farthest, suffered injuries to his elbow, hands and knees. Officials say he had to get 9 stitches on his head after hitting the pavement. 

"Either one of them could have been run over and killed," said Sheriff Hitchcock. 

Henson got away from Dunlap city officers after a brief chase through town ended on a dirt road south of the county. They took him into custody several hours later but not without a fight. Officials say he got into an altercation with the arresting officers. 

"People don't realize we're there to serve and protect," said Sheriff Hitchcock. "My officers don't deserve this kind of treatment.... no officer deserves this kind of treatment." 

The sheriff says Henson would have most likely been released, had he just cooperated with law enforcement. He's now charged with felony evading, resisting arrest, 2 counts of aggravated assault on an officer and reckless endangerment among other charges. 

The two injured deputies are at home recovering, they'll have to be released by their doctor before they can go back to work. Zachary Henson is being held without bond. He is set to appear  before a Judge on Thursday.