With soccer tournaments beginning in February at Camp Jordan and Ice on the Landing continuing in downtown Chattanooga through this weekend, maintenance crews have been happy about the warm weather this week.

"We could have played baseball the past few days," says Stump Martin, Director of Parks and Recreation for East Ridge. "Yes, it helps us tremendously to be able to manicure our grounds and get things the way we want to."

Spring fever is taking over in the middle of January and Martin and his crews are already getting ready to welcome the boys of summer to camp Jordan.

"They've been able to get out and drag the fields and rake the fields and build the mounds," adds Martin. "Then over on the other side Andrew's been busy on that side with mowing and doing more seeding and fertilizing and trying to get that ready to go."

It's better than having the ground in a deep freeze, delaying the season. Martin says people have already been taking advantage of the unusual warmth.

"Our walkers and runners have picked up the last two to three days, and this park is for everybody. Disc golfers, ultimate Frisbee guys, soccer, baseball, everything. It's for everybody," exclaims Martin.

Ice on the Landing is faring well, too. Bill Matthews, Assistant Manager of Ice Operations, says warm weather makes his job easier.

"When it's really cold everything freezes up. The spreader cloth freezes up. Everything that comes out of the Zamboni freezes as soon as it hits the ice," says Matthews.

He's been in charge of the ice since the event began a few years ago and says that, contrary to popular belief, extremely cold weather makes for bad skating.

"The ice is hard, chippy, and really hard ice dulls the skates, dulls the Zamboni blade," explains Matthews. "I will take 60° in the daytime and 40°, or mid/high 30s, at night anytime over 20° degrees, 15°."