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Local Georgia residents make trip to D.C. for Donald Trump's inauguration

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As Washington D.C. prepares for Friday's Inauguration, several groups from Dalton are packing their bags and heading to the Nation’s Capital.

Channel 3 spoke with Trump supporters and those who oppose Trump about why they are going to the inauguration. 

"I'm expecting it to be such a wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by other people that are just as enthusiastic about Donald Trump as we Dalton Trumpsters are," said Dianne Putnam, attending the inauguration.

Putnam along with 2 dozen other local Trump supporters plan to travel  to the inauguration on Friday. They're meeting dozens of other Georgia residents Wednesday night and they can hardly wait.

"I think it will be very emotional," said Beau Patton, also attending the inauguration. "I've been very blessed my whole life. My favorite pastor is Paula White. I go to her church down there in Florida, I take trips down there just to hear her sermons and she is going to be saying one of the prayers over Donald Trump during the inauguration so I think very emotional because as conservatives we've been waiting for this moment for a very long time."

It's no secret that not everyone is on the "Trump Train". Some people will boycott or protest the ceremony.

"Personally I believe that this is an election that has driven people apart," said resident Katie Jacobs

Jacobs will participate in the Women’s March on Washington this Saturday. She hopes to send the message that she and others will continue to take a stand for inequality.

"This is for everybody standing up and saying we see inequality in race, gender, sexuality, religion and we're standing up," said Jacobs. " Moving forward we are going to stand for those rights and that all men are created equal."

Both sides agree – America is better together.

"We all need to look to our neighbor and see how we can all get along," said Jacobs.

"Grow up and act like adults and just use some common sense, that's all its going to take," said Putnam.

"We absolutely have to be united inside this country, because what does it tell our enemies and even our allies that whenever they see on the news we're scattered and divided, said Patton. "It isn't a good thing for our country when people see that."

A group of 7th and 8th grade students from Whitfield County are in Washington D.C. right now getting ready to watch the upcoming Presidential inauguration.

The students planned the trip for months and their teachers say they are all excited to be a part of this historical event.

Some residents are planning a sister March on Washington here in Chattanooga this Saturday at 3 p.m. Officials say participants should gather at Coolidge Park prepared with signs and comfortable walking shoes. The march will be approximately two miles long and will end back at Coolidge Park.

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