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What The Tech? Live Me app

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Facebook finally started removing video of a 12 year old Georgia girl who committed suicide during a livestream video. Contrary to many reports Katelyn Nicole Davis was using the popular livestream app "LiveMe" and not Facebook Live. After her suicide the livestream continued for around 20 minutes with her lifeless body in front of the camera. 

The video was downloaded from LiveMe and uploaded to Facebook and YouTube. Once notified Google removed the video from YouTube but the video stayed on Facebook timelines for around 2 weeks before the social media network began taking the videos down.

LiveMe has gained in popularity with teens and pre-teens, primarily because it is not an app their parents are aware of. 

Signing up to use LiveMe is simple and requires just a little information or by logging in using the user's Facebook account. It is not associated with Facebook however.

Browsing the LiveMe app I found hundreds of live video streams and the majority were from teenagers, or those who appear to be teens or pre-teens. A large percentage were of young people speaking directly into their phone's screen from their bedrooms. Some sang but most answered questions submitted by people watching. 

In the short time I scrolled through and watched I did not see anything most would consider inappropriate behavior but some of the language used by both the person streaming and the people watching and leaving comments were R-rated with sexual references.

LiveMe and a few other livestreaming apps rely on users to police the network themselves and report bullying, sexual references or other 'bad behavior' according to warnings on the screen. 

LiveMe also restricts usage to people 13 or over but there's no way to confirm a user's age except perhaps through their Facebook account if they sign up that way.

To their credit, LiveMe took down the video of the suicide quickly apologized to users and others.

LiveMe has a website but it contains only links to the app in the iTunes store and Google Play Store; users cannot stream directly from their computer but have to use an app to stream or watch a stream.

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