UPDATE: It could be a couple more days before Signal Mountain Road is repaved. 

The road was torn up so Tennessee American Water crews could fix a water main break that happened Friday. The company tells Channel 3 the road will be re-paved Tuesday or Wednesday depending on weather conditions. The road narrows down to one lane right before the turn into Walmart. 

Tennessee American Water says, the repair on the pipe in front of the Walmart on Signal Mountain Blvd was completed early Saturday morning.

PREVIOUS STORY: A water main break on Signal Mountain Road flooded the roadway and left several businesses without water Friday night. 

Tennessee American Water officials tell Channel 3, their leak inspectors discovered the 12-inch break around noon.  

The company warned the affected businesses about water loss before repairs started, giving them plenty of time to prepare.

Great Clips was one of the businesses impacted by the leak, but workers kept the shop open and got creative to keep business flowing.

"We did fill up our water bottles and if we ran out of the water in the bottles we were gonna go to plan B and purchase gallons of water at Walmart," said Great Clips manager, Amber Sampoll. "Luckily I mean if we did have the water turn off today hasn't been as busy as we've seen Friday's in the past so I guess maybe everything happens for a reason."

But restaurants including  El Monterrey couldn't keep their doors open on what's usually the busiest day of the week, because of potential sanitary issues. 

"It has a negative impact on our sales. We still have to pay bills and all that stuff," said El Monterrey manager, Esergio Tores. "...I feel sorry for everything, but there's nothing I can do."

As the restaurant's longtime customers arrived, they found locked doors and left disappointed. 

"We've been coming here every Friday night; almost every Friday night for the last since it's been open," said Nanci Kelly. "We meet a lot of friends here. A lot of people we don't know by name, but we see them every Friday night."

Dollar Tree and McAlister's Deli also closed.

Walmart representatives tell Channel 3 portable toilets were brought in for their customers, while some areas in store were blocked off. 

Crews used a jack hammer to break the pavement as they searched for the water main break for hours, which limited traffic to one lane. They said the leak was extremely deep, which required them to use a trench box for safety. 

Officials said every water main break is unique, but the average time to it takes to repair one is four to six hours.

Though officials aren't sure how long it will take to repair, everyone is hoping it won't cut into their weekend plans.    


Tennessee American Water did not give and estimated time for the completion of repairs but they are underway.

The break has forced repair crews to close all but one lane on the southbound side of Signal Mountain Road.

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