One of the more surprising things at CES in 2017 was one television that is changing the game for manufacturers. Picture a high definition (the highest) set that mounts to a wall like a wall paper. That's the idea behind LG's new W series of televisions. Just a bit thicker than two credit cards the tv is awe inspiring for even the most tech person. It is too thin to stand on its own and must be mounted to a wall with magnets and small wall mounts. It's also thin enough to peel back from the wall much like you'd do with wallpaper.

I've truly never seen anything like it.

The W comes in just 2 sizes 65" and 77". The 65" LG Signature OLED 4k HDR Smart TV weighs in at around 18 pounds so you don't have to worry about attaching the mount to wall studs. It literally hangs on the wall like a picture frame. In fact, LG showcased the tv in a picture frame.

I cannot accurately describe just how beautiful the screen and its form factor looks when it hangs on a wall.

The ugliest thing about most tvs today are all the wires from DVD players, satellite or cable boxes and streaming devices such as the Roku; that is not an issue with the W series of tvs. The wires and the insides of the tv sit inside a soundbar that comes with the 65" tv. The soundbar connects to those peripheral devices and to the tv with a thin ribbon cable. LG's installation videos show that my cutting a small hole in the wall, the ribbon cable can be strung between two wall studs and attached to the tv with a plate that even hides that wire.

Unlike many of the amazing tvs that are introduced every year at CES, the LG W series will come to market. Both will be released in March and go on sale at most tv retailers. The 65" W tv will list at $8,000 while the 77" set will cost $20,000.