Most roads have cleared in Whitfield County after the winter storm over the weekend, but it's secondary roads that officials are reminding everyone to be on the look out for.

While you can't always see it, but the danger of black ice is there.

That's the message the Georgia Department of Transportation wants everyone to remember while on the roads. 

Drivers like Cheri Anderson said the slick conditions can be challenging.

"Black ice, you can't really tell when you do hit it... You need to take your foot off the brake and just kind of glide and maneuver your vehicle the best you can and try and you just drive slow," Anderson explained.

Over the weekend Whitfield county emergency crews responded to several crashes caused by snow and slick conditions. Ice remains in some areas, it's why on Monday Dalton Public Schools were on a two hour delay and Whitfield County Schools canceled all classes.

It's move that surprised some parents

"To be honest with you I kind of got a kick out of that one this morning, I really thought they should've been open this morning, maybe just a delay," Anderson said.

Other parents we spoke to like Jay Tenney said going to school just isn't worth the risk.

"I think the county and our school as well has to err on the side of safety for everyone's sake when it comes to the road conditions. They can't risk someone getting hurt trying to get to school," Tenney said.

GDOT said all interstate and state routes have been cleared. Right now they have one truck in each county to make sure roads in the peach state stay safe.

GDOT monitors road conditions around the clock. They say if you can safely report major trouble spots to call 511.