The roads are clearing up but patches of ice still remain on the roads posing a threat to drivers. 

There's only one way Bradley County residents can describe the roads after about an inch of snow and bone-chilling temperatures; slick and icy. 

Neighbors along  Peach Orchard Hill Rd. said it's just one of several roads that froze over causing problems for everyone.

"Yesterday morning they had a house fire up on the corner and they were having trouble getting the fire engines and stuff up. They had to get a wrecker out here, pull it out of the road. It was pretty slick," said resident, Freddie Peels. 

One of many reasons the roads throughout the county were vacant majority of the time.

"There wasn't a whole lot of people traveling yesterday. It was pretty much taking it easy, staying safe, staying off the roads," said Peels. 

However, dispatch says 40 crashes were reported due to the icy up until noon on Sunday. Two of those crashes consisted of minor injuries. 

Though the wintry mix is starting to melt, authorities say secondary streets remain dangerous.

Leaving some people looking forward to warmer days. 

"It's pretty and all but I'm ready for it to be over with. I'm ready for summertime," said Peels.

Due to the icy and slick road conditions Bradley County Schools will be closed on Monday and Cleveland City Schools will operate on a 2 hour delay.