Whitfield County emergency crews worked several crashes since the snow started and into Saturday morning.

There was an eight-car crash on Carbondale Road in Whitfield county, caused by the roadway being covered in a thick layer of ice.

Cars slid along the North Georgia road covered in ice. Police said some drivers abandoned their cars and walked home.
At around 6:30 Saturday morning, eight cars slid into each other. All were minor crashes and no one was hurt.

"The roads are iced all the way down through there and all the way down West Nance," said Chris Wood, 

"Is this something you've seen before?" the reporter asked, "No, not since '93."

Wood helped get cars out of the ditch with his four-wheeler.

"If I can help anyone I'll help anyone I can," Wood said.

While many of the main roads and interstates were clear and dry, the ice caused some backroads to became dangerous.

Salt crews were called out to the Carbondale area shortly after the crash. If possible, avoid that area entirely until the snowy weather clears up.