As the world's tech companies convene at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, Volkswagen shared a vision of what the future may hold for drivers.

Using the slogan “We are always on,” Volkswagen showed tomorrow’s mobility, moving away from the traditional car and consumer relationship, towards a new digital community—one that is intelligently connected and sustainably mobile, according to a new release from the German automaker.

Visitors can see the conception live, in three themed virtual-reality zones. 

In the “Connected Community,” the focus is on the interconnected consumer. Using a unique Volkswagen User-ID, each user is able to configure his or her personal digital preferences, enabling them to easily take them from one Volkswagen to another. No matter which vehicle they enter, their favorite music, screen configurations and optimal seating positions greet them on arrival. 

“Intuitive Usability” then provides a preview of future control concepts—from a three-dimensional instrument cluster and Eyetracking sensors to an AR Head-up Display.

In the “Smart Sustainability” zone, Volkswagen uses the North American debut of the electric I.D. concept car to demonstrate zero-emissions and autonomous driving in combination with an all-new design style. The I.D. brings together the four Volkswagen fields of innovation: Connected Community, Intuitive Usability, Smart Sustainability and Automated Driving.