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Bridal bandits steal employees wallet while dress shopping

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Police use security video to solve crime nearly every day. We know crime can happen anywhere at any time, and if someone wants to steal they'll do it no matter the occasion.

This happened at a store called "All Dressed Up" in Hixson. The employee said she's convinced the two women had the crime planned out, the moment they entered the store.

Maddie Thompson helps women with one of their biggest decisions for the biggest day of their life. So when two women came in her store to try on wedding dresses, things were all smiles. “They were really nice, so I didn't think anything of it. But, I guess the other girl had it all planned out.”

The plan had nothing to do with a wedding. As Thompson helps the bride-to-be with the perfect fit in the dressing room, the other woman stays behind.  “She kept saying I just want you to stay back here for a few minutes. I said are you sure you don't want your sister. She said no, don't leave just stay back here for a few.”

Little did Thompson know, the other woman was rummaging through her purse, and she wasn't looking for a piece of gum. Surveillance video catches the woman grab Thompson’s wallet. “$200 cash, my driver's license, and my credit card.”

The woman returns the wallet, minus the cash and cards, and browses more dresses. “I didn't pick up on anything and just to think they would come and not even care about who I am and how nice I was to them.”

The women thank Thompson for her help, and leave the store, all smiles. Clearly a fan of free stuff, they grab a complimentary cup of water on the way out.

The owner of the store is disgusted and heartbroken someone would do this, to one of her employees. “I am hurt, a lot of fear, I pray for the best,” said Cheron Douglas.

And for Thompson, it’s a life lesson learned the hard way. “It's an eye opener for sure. Just not to be so non-judgy to people I guess.”

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