It's the week geeks look forward to every year. Actually, you don't have to be a geek to enjoy CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show. Las Vegas' largest convention of the year kicks off this week when new gadgets will cover some 2.5 million square feet across the city.

Prior to the show, the Consumer Technology Association handed out "Innovation Awards" to some of the most, well, innovative gadgets we will see from tech companies.

How 'bout a paper airplane drone capable of streaming live video! The Powerup app controlled paper airplane drone has a twin motor and a wifi camera on board. You strap on a virtual reality headset like Google Cardboard and as you fly the paper airplane drone with your smartphone, you're seeing what you'd see if you were actually in the cockpit. They say this thing is so easy to fly it's practically crash-proof.

Another cool invention is this tv-less tv. It's the XGimi. It's a projector of sorts but way more advanced that anything we've seen before. It displays 4k video without a screen and it can project the image up to 300 inches without losing any video quality and it does high resolution 3d! It has harmon kardon speakers built right in fits in the palm of your hand!

And Google has a virtual reality paintbrush called the Tilt Brush. It works by strapping on a virtual reality headset and painting with virtual paint brushes in space or air. The artist can create images that are more like structures. You can paint a house or a tree in virtual reality. The application with this is that artists can create these mind blowing works of art and display them in galleries so people can walk through wearing those virtual reality goggles and experience the artwork rather than just looking at it.

Almost 4 million companies will unveil or display new products at CES 2017. I'll do my best to cover the floor and show you the coolest, biggest and most innovative products this year, some of which we'll see released in time for Christmas.