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TDOT crews preparing roads for possible snow

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TDOT brine trucks will work through out the day Wednesday  with city and county workers to keep the roads safe.  
"We would much rather see snow than a ice," said, Jennifer Flynn, TDOT Spokeswoman. "Ice is a different animal all together so it's much more difficult to deal with so if anything does happen we're hoping it's snow and not ice." 

Flynn says all of the department's 178 trucks are on standby in Region 2, which serves 24 counties. 
"Currently our plans are that we will be out brining the interstates and major state routes and mountain roads beginning tomorrow (Wednesday)."

Brine is a salt water solution that temporarily  keeps snow and ice in a slushy state. It buys time for TDOT crews dealing with the conditions across East TN. Interstates and trouble spots will be their first priority. 

"Bridges and overpasses, they freeze before any of the other roads and then the mountain roads because of their altitude so we take care of Signal Mountain and Lookout Mountain and also one of the problem areas that's here in Hamilton County and Bradley County White Oak Mountain along I-75 so we pay special attention to that."

Flynn is reminding all drivers  to be patient with snow or ice on the ground. Drivers should never try to pass a plow or TDOT salt truck in action.

"Give yourself some extra time, " said Flynn. "Just don't follow too closely, just be aware of your surroundings and just be careful out there."

All road preps should be finished by Friday. Crews will then be put on standby for problem areas, if there are any.

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