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Car break-in caught on family surveillance video

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Chattanooga Police are looking for a man they believe may be connected to multiple vehicle burglaries in the East Brainerd area. Thanks to eight home surveillance video cameras, the Evans Family was able to catch on camera a man breaking into a car on Graysville Road. Now, the homeowners are hoping someone will recognize the culprit in the video.

The Evans Family have lived in their home for ten years, and until Monday, they've never experienced anything like this.

Amy Evans was at home enjoying her holiday, when she decided to go out for lunch. When she went out to her car she was greeted by a very unwanted surprise. “My car was ransacked. I called my husband, and asked if he was in my car. He said no. I looked and everything was gone.”

Her car registration, insurance card, and other important information were stolen. “Prescriptions, paperwork gone. Every shred of personal identification.”

Home surveillance video shows a man approach her house.  He goes through the glove box and the rest of the car, before quietly leaving the property. “He came in, did what he needed to do. He dropped something and stuffed everything into a black Belk lunch bag.”

The scariest part for Evans is that the thief came within a few feet of her home and she had no idea. “You should never feel violated and terrified to go to sleep.”

The homeowner says Chattanooga Police tell her, her home wasn't the first targeted in the East Brainerd area, neighbors say within the last few days they've heard other reports of car break ins. “A little scary. If it is the same person, lets catch him.”

An experience for Evans that proves why it's important to always lock the doors. “The one night you forget to lock your car and someone casually walks up and opens it like it’s their own and goes through every bit or personal information. It is unnerving.”

And until the person is caught, the Evans' Family said their cameras will be rolling.

Neighbors Amy spoke with said they recognize the man in the video, walking in their neighborhood before. If you have any information you are asked to contact the Chattanooga Police at 423.698.2525

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