Teachers are calling it a makeover more than fifteen years in the making.  Finally, Sale Creek Middle School students are out of their portable buildings, and inside a brand new wing. 

The twelve-million dollar renovation was delayed repeatedly as the school district dealt with other construction projects.  Workers and volunteers have spent the holiday break rushing to make sure the school is ready for the second semester.

In an effort to give high school students something to cheer about as well, their classrooms have also been repainted and freshened up.  In fact, some of the students themselves have put in several hours to give their school a new look. 

With a new gym, a new cafeteria, new labs, and new classrooms, Sale Creek students will get a fresh start, no longer having to go in and out of the main building just to attend class, or go to the restroom.  It's a new start for a school community that considers itself one of Hamilton County's best-kept secrets.

School Board District 1 member Rhonda Thurman, who represents Sale Creek, has long argued against some other proposed Hamilton County school construction projects, saying as long as Sale Creek Middle students had to take all their classes outside, their school construction should be top priority. She calls the Sale Creek makeover long overdue.