2016 ended on a frightening note for a Walker County family. A suspected drunk driver slammed into their home on Foster Mill Drive.

Jessica Reed's children were sleeping on New Year's Eve when a car crashed into the side of the house. It's now left the family scared this could happen again.

The wreck destroyed their A/C system and damaged the foundation.

Reed was counting down the minutes until the new year when her cabinet doors slammed open and items in her living room fell off the mantle.

"You never expect something like that to happen. It felt like an earthquake," Jessica Reed, a mother of three said.

Lafayette police said the driver was going too fast in the rain when he lost control. They said he was driving under the influence.

Reed is thankful her children weren't hurt and for the heating and cooling system.

"I believe that unit saved my child's life. If it hadn't have been there, he would've went straight through that wall," Reed said.

The damage to the house is done, but the Reed family has some emotional scars from the situation. Her 12 year old is afraid to sleep in his room, which is down the hall.

"It just scared me having somebody hit our house because I don't want it to happen again and actually come through the house," Austin Reed, Reed's son said.

Police said the driver was sent to the hospital and now faces charges.

Officials told Reed her 7-year old who was sleeping in the room that was hit will have to stay in another part of the house for now. The mom of three frightened boys says she wishes everyone would listen to the warnings about drinking and driving.

"Stay off the road if you're drinking. Think of others. Think of children," Reed said.

She and her husband are looking beyond the last minutes of 2016.  

"I said this is in the past. This happened before midnight. We're going to have a good 2017," Reed said.

An insurance adjuster is supposed to be taking a look at the damage soon so they can get the damage fixed.