Your unwanted gift cards are wanted by someone. And a couple of places online finds those cards a good home, or wallet. will exchange those unwanted cards with cold hard cash.

Cards for Best Buy, Victoria’s Secret, Target, Walmart, Starbucks are in high demand.

You won’t be able to get the full price of course, but Cardpool will buy them from you for about 92-percent of what they’re worth.

The more popular the store, the higher return. A $50 gift card from Walmart will bring around $46.50 if you mail it back. You can do the exchange online by just entering the code, but you won’t get back as much, about $44 for the $50 gift card. A Best Buy card is worth a little less, at $45; at niche stores like Urban Outfitters a $50 gift card is worth just 35-dollars. If you do the exchange online you’ll need to enter a credit card. Cardpool says you’ll get a check in 3-7 business days. works a little differently and it comes up a few dollars short of the offer from Cardpool, but if you do any shopping on Ebay, you can exchange your card for an Ebay credit and get 95% of the card’s value.

Gift Cards are a $124 billion business and at least half of American say they’ll buy them, give them, and receive them, but according to online research group CEB Tower, more than a billion dollars worth of cards, will never be redeemed.

On those websites you can not only sell unused gift cards, you can buy them too at a reduced price from most major retailers.