West Polk firefighters were called to a fully involved house fire Wednesday on Paris Branch Road.

One of the residents was injured by flash burns. She is expected to be okay.

West Polk fire chief, Stephen Lofty, said after crews encountered the duo, they noticed something else was wrong. 

"We started hearing an audible sound; multiple propane tanks venting," Lofty said. "A little less than a minute and a half after that venting we had an explosion followed by a secondary explosion." 

Two portable propane tanks exploded near the home, including a 500 gallon tank.  Two vehicles were also on fire.

In addition to the flames, the blast demolished the home that once stood four stories tall. 

The home collapsed as firefighters worked to put out the fire.

Mutual aid from Bradley County and Etowah were called in to assist.

"A lot of people overlook the facet that these portable tanks are very very dangerous," said Lofty. 

Riley Labree, who lives next to the home, said he was in shock when he got a call warning him about a fire. 

"I was on my way from work and they said  it was a fire and i was just very quick to get home to see if it was my house, and luckily it wasn't but it was a neighbor of min and it was very sad to see that," said Labree. "It was just a loss for words. You just really couldn't describe anything that horrifying. I mean it was bad. You could stand in the driveway and feel it I mean it was incredible, immense heat."

Labree said the damage is something everyone in the neighborhood is coping with. 

"It's very depressing because we've had bonfires up there and many fun memories up there just and beautiful house, beautiful view from up there and just incredible,' said Labree. "I hope the best for them, and he did tell me that they're planning on rebuilding and that they are gonna be neighbors again with us so that's really good. I look forward to it."

Investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire.

Lofty said he hopes everyone learns from this and takes precaution when dealing with propane tanks. 

He said portable propane tanks should be safely stored and secured away from your home. 

We will update this story as more information becomes available.