(WRCB) A plane has crashed in Marion County Tuesday evening.

Dispatch confirms a plane crashed around the Tennessee - Alabama state line on Highway 72.

Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen tells Channel 3 two people were on board the plane and both of them suffered minor injuries but will be okay.

The pilot walked away from the crash with a hurt knee, and his female passenger was taken to Erlanger with possibly a broken arm.

Both were taken to a local hospital.

Neighbor Wayne Higgins said he saw the plane from his house and knew there was going to be trouble.

"I seen the plane come over my garage over there and it sounded like he was experiencing some kind of engine problem, maybe running out of fuel, he was having a lot of backfiring and stuff," Higgins said.

A short time later Higgins heard news report of a plane crash, fearing the worst, he went to the scene to see what had happened.

"You know there's something wrong but there's nothing you can do, and it don't make you feel so good to know that someone's in trouble like that and you can't help them you know," Higgins said.

The plane's tail number shows it's owned by David Riggs out of Bridgeport.

Bridgeport Volunteer Firefighter Otis Brakebill helped the pilot and his passenger out of the field.  He said the pilot told him what happened.

"He just lost power and was trying to land in a field, the field had been plowed and it was muddy and when he touched down the front wheel fell up underneath the airplane and it flipped over," Brakebill said.

We still don't know if Riggs was the one flying the plane.
The FAA will be at the crash site tomorrow afternoon to investigate the cause of the crash.