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Shoppers head to stores for returns and after Christmas sales

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If you're not in love with the gift Santa Claus put under your tree you're not alone, the National Retail Federation says the day after Christmas can be the busiest day for returns.

The unwrapping is over and now, millions of Americans like Jason McNeely and his son Lander are standing in lines at a store, making returns.

"Love the clothes, but we looked at the tag we knew they were too small. Hopefully they have the same exact clothes in a bigger size for him,” McNeely said.

The National Retail Federation estimates that about 10% of gifts bought during the holidays will be returned and that equates to more than 60 billion dollars.

Retailers say customers should act fast before prices change or stock runs out. It's why some customers like Loretta Hopper showed up to the mall early.

"Nothing worked so I brought everything back this morning and I already made exchanges," Hopper explained.

Some return policies are changing, while some stores are extending the return window, others are shortening the time you have to return for items like electronics and drones. Many stores are now requiring photo identification for returns to prevent fraud and theft. It's why retailers say it’s important to check return policies beforehand to save yourself an extra trip.

Store managers say having a receipt is the key to getting full value for your item, if you don't go as soon as possible the value will likely shrink.

Retailers expect the busy return season to last through January.

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