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Santa Train renews Christmas spirit for Woodmore mother

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Santa made a special delivery to more than half a dozen homes in the Tennessee Valley on Saturday. His helpers made sure each child had a Christmas like no other.

The Santa Train brought a brighter Christmas to families who thought it would be dim this year.

With sirens blaring and lights flashing, the Santa Train made its way to eight homes in Chattanooga.

Santa and his helpers dropped off boxes of toys including bicycles to families who wouldn't have had a Christmas otherwise.

The goal of the Forgotten Child Fund is to bring joy to children's faces. For some families, they now have a renewed hope about the holidays.

"I just couldn't find myself being in the Christmas spirit without my baby, but after tonight, you can't help but be in the Christmas spirit when everyone is in the Christmas spirit," Jasmine Mateen, Zyaira Mateen's mother said.

Jasmine Mateen's daughter was one of six children killed in the Woodmore bus crash.

There's not a day that goes by where she doesn't think about Zyaira, but seeing the Santa Train brightened her day.

"It just showed me how much my daughter touched the whole city," Mateen said.

While the absence of her daughter during the holidays is tough for her, she knows Zyaira is still here in spirit. It's the smiles from her kids opening up new toys and the efforts of those who made this possible that are helping her heal.

"To a lot of people, Christmas might not mean anything, but to those six angels and those six angels' families, Christmas means everything to them," Mateen said.

This year's effort helped more than 10,000 kids. Each child received somewhere between five to seven toys apiece.

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