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Record breaking holiday travel expected this weekend

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Interstates in the Tennessee Valley are busy with what experts are calling a record-breaking holiday travel. The majority of folks have already started their trips, hoping to beat the holiday rush. Millions of Americans will be traveling by car between Friday and January 2, including 2 million Tennesseans.

AAA predicts over 100 million Americans will travel this weekend making it the busiest travel season on record.

The Church Family is one of the millions crossing state lines for their holiday travel. “Going to see Sea World, camping, spend a few days in Orlando, and Fort Meyers for a few days,” said Kevin Church.

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AAA estimates more than nine million people will hop on an end of the year flight for the holidays. But the majority of Americans are driving. “Longer time on the road, quicker in the air, but cheaper on the pocketbook.”

Drivers have saved more than 27 billion dollars at the gas pumps this year. Another reason so many families are choosing to get behind the wheel. “It is $2.09 in Loudon, TN, in Florida is $1.96, can't beat that,” said Jim Schoffstall.

Both GDOT and TDOT are delaying construction and lane closures for easier and safer travel. “We travel 3 or 4 times a year. Usually, the roads are good, even with construction, there is hardly any backup.”

With more drivers on the roads police are warning drivers there will be more patrols. Targeting speeders, aggressive drivers, and drunk drivers. “Be careful, police are out in force. I noticed that all the way from Ohio,” said Larry Emmons from Ohio.

Some are traveling more than others. But everyone seems to be in the Christmas spirit, ready to get to their holiday destinations, wherever that may be. “Traffic has been fine, a lot of trucks, a lot of police. But no problems at all,” said David Gilbert.

AAA said the busiest travel days will be Friday and then again on December 30th.

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